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OREMUS HYMNAL: INDEX of Tunes starting with "A"
RomanRite - Hymns for Liturgy of the Hours
Hymn tunes for Divine Office of Australia, England, Wales and Ireland.

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Lutheran Book of Worship Online Hymnal a-b
Lutheran Book of Worship Online Hymnal is a complete online LBW Hymnal with original copyrighted settings to all public domain hymns
MidiHymns - Metrical Index
Tunes by Metre
metrical index to hymn tunes
Metrics in Music
1-On this day, the first of days
2-Brightness of the Father's Glory (Melody only 87.87)
3- Sion Sing
4 - Morning has Broken - Cat Stevens (Spring/Lente)
A small video about spring. Song: Cat Stevens - Morning has broken
5- same as 177
6-When Morning fills the Sky--GO to 667.667 D
Tune meter index for the Cyber Hymnal
7 - Lord, Whose Love Through Humble Service
lyrics added so you can sing along
8 - Praise, my soul the King of heaven
Praise, my soul, the King of heaven;to His feet thy tribute bring;ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,who like thee His praise should sing?Praise Him! Prais...
9- Sing with all the sons of glory
"Sing with all the sons of glory" aka "Sing with all the saints in glory" aka "The resurrection song"Set to the tune of "O...
10--I Sing The Mighty Power of GOD
I Sing The Mighty Power of GOD, also known as The Day of Resurrection, Hosanna, Loud Hosanna, Come Sing To GOD and Hail to the Lord's Anointed. Tune: Ellacom...
12 - This Day God GIves Me
One of my favorite songs :) So happy and cheerful! It's ascribed to St. Patrick
13- God Father, Praise and Glory MIDI
14 - All Creatures Of Our God And King by David Crowder
Thank You Lord for giving me the desire and the tools to make these videos. Thank You Lord God for all my friends here that inspire me, and that they may be ...
15-O God of Light --This is only the melody (Danby)
Words: Samuel Longfellow, 1864. Music: English melody.
16- We Turn To You, O God oOf Every Nation.( Strength and Stay)
We Turn To You, O God Of Every Nation. Strength and Stay. This was sung at a live television broadcast we did for Morning Worship ITV. March 1st 1992.
17- Christ is the worlds light
Me at the organ of Reedswood Methodist Church in Walsall, West Midlands. Im playing the hymn "Christ is the worlds light" to the tune "Christ...
18 - Breathe on me, Breath of God
Another number on the Duncan CRC pipe organ...More known as a funeral hymn, it's equally relevant as a prayer...
19 - From All That Dwell Below the Skies
Sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Music and the Spoken Word.1. From all that dwell below the skies,Let the Creators praise arise;Let the Redeemers name ...
20-fromallthatdwellbelowtheskies.mid (audio/midi Object)
21?- Our Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth
My rendition on piano.
22 - Holy Spirit Come Confirm Us
23-Come,Holy Ghost,Who Ever One--melody only
24- Help us, O Lord, to learn
25- Lord of all Hopefulness
Lord of all Hopefulness
26 - LORD Of All Being, Throned Afar †
LORD Of All Being, Throned Afar. Hymn Tune: Mendon. This is a beautiful Hymn in the Traditional German melody.
27-Almighty Ruler,God of Truth (the melody)
28 - Firmly I Believe and Truly
more details later
29-lord god and maker of all things-MELODY-auctoritate saeculi
Words: From the Latin. Music: Angers church melody.
30-most ancient of all mysteries-MELODY-ST. FLAVIAN
Words: John Ellerton, 1870. Music: Day's Psalter, 1563.
31- Faith Of Our Fathers - St. Catherine
Faith Of Our FathersThank you for visiting my video's.Lance †.
32 - Now Thank We All Our God
Best Loved Hymns - Now Thank We All Our God
33-o christ you are the light and day-MELODY- ST. ANNE
Words: Charles Wesley, 1767. Music: William Croft, 1708.
34-lord jesus christ abide with us-MELODY OLD 100TH
Words: William Kethe, 1561. Music: Louis Bourgeois, 1551.
35-The Setting Sun-MELODY-angelus.mid (audio/midi Object)
36-O father whose creating hand-MELODY MELITA 88.88.88
37 - For The Fruits Of His Creation "Ar Hyd Y Nos"
Heres another Harvest Hymn played by me on the 3 Manual Conacher Organ with the new stop additions!Enjoy And Leave Your Comments And Rating!Thanks!Rob!Words:...
38-When in His own Image-MELODY 65.65.D
39-At the Name of Jesus---SAME MELODY AS 38
40- Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Catholic Church Hymn
41-Now Fades All Earthly Splendor
42 - Day is Done { AR HYD Y NOS }
Day Is Done - All Through The Night - GOD, That Madest Earth And Heaven. Hymn Tune: AR HYD Y NOS. I have a beautiful prelude of this well known Hymn Tune a...
43- O worship the King
O worship the King, all glorious above,O gratefully sing His power and His love;Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of Days,Pavilioned in splendor, and gird...
45 - Let all things now living - Ash Grove
Prayer Service for the Opening of the Sixty-fourth Session of the United Nations General Assembly14 September 2009Church of the Holy FamilyThe United Nations...
46--Father We Thank Thee Who Hast Planted - Practice Session
Practice session for hymn "Father We Thank Thee Who Hast Planted," hymn 558 in GIA WORSHIP hymnal.
47 - We Plough The Fields And Scatter
This well-known harvest hymn might appear to come from the English countryside, but it has rather different origins. It is the "Peasant's Song" fro...
48-We Praise You Father for Your Gifts--Melody only
49- Holy God We Praise Thy Name
The Te Deum; Grosser Gott, first appeared in the Katholisches Gesangbucharound the year 1774. It's author was listed as anonymous but later revisions by Igna...
50-This World,My God--melody only
51-now at the daylights ending-MELODY 76.76
Words: Joshua Stegmann, 1628. Music: Melchior Vulpius, 1609.
52-All praise to thee, my God, this night
54 - On Jordan's Bank
Website: Hi-Fi Hymn Book provides FREE downloads of pipe organ recordings of Christian hymns and service music.We hope you'll want to...
56 - Come, thou long expected Jesus
The Choir of St John's College Chapel, Cambridge sing "Come, thou long expected Jesus"
57-Be Consoled My People
58-hear the herald voice resounding
Christmas time!! Made in FL7
59 - The King of Glory Comes, The Nation Rejoices
The King of Glory Comes, The Nation Rejoices
60- Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying
Words and Music: Philipp Nicolai, 1599.
61 - Creator of the Stars of Night
This recording is intended as a learning tool for parishioners of St. Ferdinand Parish in Chicago.
62- You Heavens,Open From Above-MELODY is - Rorate caeli (advent prose)
Rorate Caeli Music starts after 15 sec.sung by the men of the R.K. choir Joachim. In total 10 men. 5 bas and 5 tenors.
63- O Come O Come Emmanuel
A worship video using art from numerous cultures that expresses the longing for Christ that is shared around the world.Produced by twentyonehundred productio...
64-The Coming of Our God (St. Thomas melody)
65-Behold a Virgin Bearing Him-melody - O Heiland reiß die Himmel auf - Cloppenburger Kinderchor
www.cloppenburger-kinderchor.deDer Cloppenburger Kinderchor singt "O Heiland reiß die Himmel auf" von Friedrich Spee
67-beholdaroseofjudah.mid (audio/midi Object)
68 - For unto us a Child is born
My favorite part of G.F. Handel's oratorio "Messiah", sung by the Musicon gang and friends, directed by Jon Colegrove.Approximately 75 voices plus ...
69-From Heaven High- Vom Himmel Hoch (German)
Vom Himmel Hoch da komm' ich her (Eine Version aus dem Jahre 1979) written by Martin Luther founder of the Protestant Church. Luther wrote this hymn for his ...
70- Go Tell It On The Mountain-Mahalia Jackson
A Christmas Classic
71- O Come All Ye Faithful - Anne Murray
Merry Christmas!!!!
72- Songs Of Praise The Angels Sang (Culbach) - VIRTUAL CHURCH
Website: Hi-Fi Hymn Book provides FREE downloads of pipe organ recordings of Christian hymns and service music.We hope you'll want to...
73-Virgin-born, we bow before you
74 - What Child Is This for part learning mp3's to this song and... you can go to for free mp3's from Mitch
75 - A Child Is Born In Bethlehem
Christmas Carols - Kings College Choir;01.A Child Is Born In Bethlehem02.Away In A Manger03.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing04.I Saw Three Kings05.In Dulce Jubil...
76 (not it but nice)- For Unto Us A Child Is Given

77- Sing of Mary, pure and lowly
78-Joseph of Nazareth--melody only
Words: Anonymous, ca. 1890. Music: George Chadwick, 1890.
80-O Mary,of all Women (melody only 76.76.D)
81- As With Gladness Men Of Old - Christmas Carol
Website: Hi-Fi Hymn Book provides FREE downloads of pipe organ recordings of Christian hymns and service music.We hope you'll want to...
82- sing praise to our creator.mid (audio/midi Object)
83-when jesus comes to be baptized
84- Songs Of Thankfulness and Praise - SALZBURG Hymn Tune
Songs Of Thankfulness and Praise. A nice Epiphany Hymn harmonized by J. S. Bach. Also known and sung as: At The Lambs High Feast (Easter)Let The Whole Crea...
85- Now let us all with one accord
86- Creator of the Earth and Skies
89 - The Glory of These Forty Days
"The Glory of These Forty Days" - Used as an entrance or recessional song during the season of Lent. This is usually in the key of Em but as it is, it's too...
90- Grant to US
91-With Hearts Renewed--go to 887.887.48.48
92- TakeUpYourCross_TheSaviorSaid.mid (audio/midi Object)
93- For Forty Years--melody with Refrain
94-lord who throughout these forty days
"Lord, Throughout These 40 Days" by Our Choir. Baptist Church in Warren, RI USA
95-This is Our Accepted Time-do NOT click--click 80
Lyrics and music to all your favorite Gospel songs.
96-Draw Near O Lord - Attende Domine
The famous Lenten hymn "Attende Domine"This is the cry of the sinner who calls unto God to receive his mercy. A monument of the liturgy of the Catholic Churc...
97 - When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Song by Kathryn Scott
98 - Keep in Mind
Classic Catholic hymn, using the Stations of the Cross in imagesmore Catholic hymns at my channel!
100 - Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
(Lyrics) Let all mortal flesh keep silence And with fear and trembling stand Ponder nothing worldly minded For with blessing in His hand Christ our God to ...
Popular ninteenth century hymn in praise of Jesus with sub-titles and a scenic background
102 - Hail redeemer king divine - Traditional Roman Catholic Hymn
Traditional Roman Catholic hymn, honouring Our Lord as King of King and Lord of Lords.
103 - All Glory, Laud, and Honor
All Glory, Laud, and Honor
104 - O Sacred Head Surrounded
The hymn is based on a long medieval Latin poem, Salve mundi salutare, with stanzas addressing the various parts of Christ's body hanging on the Cross. The l...
105 - Were you there when they crucified my lord?
Sad spiritual!
108-ishallpraisethesaviorsglory.mid (audio/midi Object)
109-The Word of God proceeding forth
110-My Loving Savior--go to
Tune meter index for the Cyber Hymnal
111-Christ,Victim for the Sins of Men
112 - Alleluia, the Strife is O'er
Saint Peter's Catholic ChurchEstablished 1821 in the Diocese of CharlestonCity of Columbia, South Carolina USASequence Hymn from All Souls Day Mass 2 Novembe...
114 - I Am the Bread of Life
Classic Catholic hymn-*- More Catholic Hymns on my channel!! -*-I am the bread of life, all who come to me shall not hungerAll who believe in me shall not t...
115 - Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands - FPC Choir
From Easter Sunday Evening Service on April 12, 2009. Martin Luther, 1524 / Tr. by Richard Massie / J. S. Bach, 1724.Sermon (text and audio) of the week is...
116-at the lambs high feast
The processional on Easter Sunday 2006 at St. Matthias' Church, Dallas, TX.The hymn is "At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing" and the tune is Salzburg.The organ ...
117- The Day Of Resurrection - EASTER Hymn
The Day Of Resurrection - Hymn Tune: Lancashire. This is a beautiful EASTER Hymn to a very familiar Hymn Tune used in many other Hymns.Thank you for visitin...
118- Jesus Christ is Risen Today
The Easter Hymn rings in Easter Morning with the Motet Choir, Bell Choir, Brass Quartet, Timpani and Dr Sandor Szabo on the Schantz Pipe Organ
119- Ye sons and daughters
120- Christ the Lord is risen today
Christ, the Lord, is risen today, Alleluia!Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia!Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!Sing, ye heavens, and earth, repl...
121 - Alleluia! Sing to Jesus
Receive power for practical Living today visit
122- Hail thee, festival day same as 160
123 - Christ The LORD Is Risen Today ! Chimes with Key Elevation - EASTER HYMN
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today also sung as Jesus Christ Is Risen Today. I already have this well known Easter Hymn on but many have asked for me to do anot...
124-Let the Earth Rejoice and Sing-- with alleluias
125-Praise Him As He Mounts the Skies-- with alleluias
126 - The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns
Reading Phoenix Choir, Songs of Praise, 2nd September 2007, Douai Abbey
127- Come Holy Ghost Creator Come
Richard Shireby plays the 1877 Conacher tracker pipe organ in the workshop of Ireland-Shireby church organ builders as the organ nears the completion of it's...
128-The Spirit of God
129-Holy Spirit, Lord of Light
Words: From the Latin. Music: William Monk, 1861.
130- ? Splendor Of Creation | Lucien Deiss Song - Yahoo! Music
Instrumental Postlude, Splendor Of Creation by Lucien Deiss on Yahoo! Music. Listen to Lucien Deiss's Instrumental Postlude, Splendor Of Creation for free
131-All Hail Adored Trinity
All Hail Adored Trinity
132- Holy, Holy, Holy ! LORD GOD Almighty † Nicea Hymn Tune
Holy, Holy, Holy ! Lord God Almighty, Hymn Tune: Nicea. This is one Hymn which many Christians know all the words to at least the first verse.3rd Verse Elev...
133- Come Thou almighty king (Hymnal #6) with Lyrics
Great song, another hymnal. It's not all original, but it is a great song. Hymnal #6
134-Unde Et Memores MIDI
134-undeetme.mid (audio/midi Object)
134-Lord,Who at Your First Eucharist Did Pray (melody)
MIDI: Barney E. Warren
135 - God with Hidden Majesty
practice for hymn "God with Hidden Majesty".
136-O Christ,Redeemer of Mankind (melody only-Saint Flavian CM)
137-Heart of Christ (melody only)
138-To Christ, the Prince of Peace
Words: Roman Breviary, 1786. Music: Henry Gauntlett, 1848.
140-Shepherd of Souls,in Love Come,Feed Us (melody only) 98.98.88
141- To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King
Classic Catholic Hymnmore catholic hymns at my channel!!1. To Jesus Christ, our Sov'reign King,Who is the world's salvation,All praise and homage do we bring...
142-Great Saint Andrew (melody only) 87.87.D
Hymn Text with MIDI Music
143 - Hail To The LORD Who Comes †
Hail To The LORD Who Comes - Hymn Tune Old 120th. Thank you for visiting my video's.Lance †
144-When Mary Brought Her Treasure--meter only 76.76.676
145-Look Down to Us Saint Joseph--meter only 76.76.D
146-The Great Forerunner of the Morn
Words: The Venerable Bede (673-735). Music: C. Gall, 1625.
147- What Fairer Light
148 - O Raise Your Eyes on High - organ
A Lent hymnTune: MORNING SONGjOrgan 3.5American Classic Organ 1.2Organist: Yours TrulyPlease use headphones to listen.
149-'Tis Good,Lord,To Be Here (melody ONLY Narenza S.M.)
149-’Tis Good, Lord, to Be Here
Words: Joseph Robinson, 1888. Music: From Bach.
150-O Cross of Christ,Immortal Tree (melody only Saint Flavian C.M.)
151 - Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him - VIRTUAL CHURCH
Website: Hi-Fi Hymn Book provides FREE downloads of pipe organ recordings of Christian hymns and service music.We hope you'll want to...
152-They come, God's messengers of love
153-Ye Holy Angels Bright - MIDI and Lyrics - Sacred Hymns - Bible Study - Free MIDI Hymns
Ye Holy Angels Bright - Lyrics: Richard Baxter, 1681. Composer: William Croft. - Ye holy angels bright,Who wait at God's right hand, Or through the realms of lightFly at your Lord's command, Assist our song, or else the theme Too high doth seem for mortal tongue. Ye blessed souls at rest, Who ran this earthly race, And now, from sin released, Behold the Savior's face, God's praises sound, as in His sight With sweet delight ye do abound. All nations of the earth, Extol the world's great King; With melody and mirth His glorious praises sing; For He still reigns, and will bring low The proudest foe that Him disdains. Sing forth Jehovah's praise, Ye saints, that on Him call! Him magnify always His holy churches all! In him rejoice, and there proclaim His holy Name with sounding voice. My soul, bear thou thy part, Triumph in God above; With a well tuned heart Sing thou the songs of love; Thou art his own, who precious blood Shed for thy good His love made known. Away, distrustful care! I have Thy promise, Lord: To banish all despair, I have Thine oath and Word: And therefore I shall see Thy face And there Thy grace shall magnify. With Thy triumphant flock Then I shall numbered be; Built on the eternal Rock,His glory shall we see.The heavens so high With praise shall ring And all shall sing in harmony.
154 - Christ is Made the Sure Foundation
Spring Concert 2009 - The Choirs of St. James - Christ is Made the Sure Foundation
155- The Church's one foundation
HD video of the hymn The Church's one foundationProduced by recorded live at the NBA Big SingThe Church's one foundationis Jesus C...
156-Mary, crowned with living light
157 - Mary Immaculate Star of the Morning Video Mary Immaculate Star of the Morning, Songs of the Rosary by Irma Courtney
158-Holy Mary,Now We Crown You
159-mother of christ (the melody)
160 - Hail thee Festival Day
Accompanied by brass, the St. John's Choir (under the direction of Dr. Huw Lewis, FRCO) lead the congregation in singing "Hail thee Festival Day" for the ope...
162-Hail, Holy Queen
163- The God whom earth and sea and sky
165-Mary the Dawn
The single,
166-Praise to Mary,Heavens Gate
168-The eternal gifts of Christ the King
169-Now Let the Heav'ns resound with Praise (melody only Rex gloriose martyrum)
171 - A Mighty Fortress is Our God With Lyrics
A Martin Luther Hymnal, Starts out slow, then picks up. It's a great old song, So good the church he opposed the teachings of, Now sings it Proudly. Luther w...
171- A Mighty Fortress is Our God With Lyrics
A Martin Luther Hymnal, Starts out slow, then picks up. It's a great old song, So good the church he opposed the teachings of, Now sings it Proudly. Luther w...
172-"For All The Saints"
Bob Swift, organist-choirmaster, leads choirs, sinfonia, and congregation in the opening processional hymn for "All Saints' Sunday," November 2, 1997 at Moun...
173 - amazing grace
nana mouskouri - amazing grace
174 - Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep
Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep performed on November 1, 2009 during our church dedication service.
175- The King of Love My Shepherd Is
GREAT HYMN. Cliff Richard sings "The King of Love My Shepherd Is." This traditional hymn is commonly sung in Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran & Methodist church...
176 - Rise Up, Oh Men of God
FSU & UF Men's Glee Clubs"Rise Up, Oh Men of God"Arr. Kenneth JenningsConductor: Larry Gerber4/14/2009 First Presbyterian ChurchLake City, Florida
177-This Is the Feast Day of the Lord's True Witness (melody
178-Now, from the Heav'ns Descending
179-Now Let Us Praise (melody only 10.10.10 with alleluias)
181-Blest Are the Pure in Heart-melody franconi SM
182 - O God Our Help In Ages Past
O God, Our Help in Ages Past is a hymn by Isaac Watts and paraphrases Psalm 90. It originally consisted of nine stanzas. In present usage, however, the hymn ...
183 - Who would true valour see
Released in 1990, a collection of English gallery hymns from the 18th and early 19th century. This one is by John Bunyan.
184- O Radiant Light,O Sun Dive- melody Jesu Dulcis Memoria
Requiem hymn Jesu Dulcis Memoria
185-May Flights of Angels -just the melody